Dogs are biologically designed to eat raw meat.
We have been feeding Zazu and Walle a raw food diet for a couple of months now. There is just so much information out there! We only want the best for our babies and continue to update and improve their diet.

From all the research we have done on raw food diets it has always proved to have done wonders for a dogs overall health.

Some benefits are healthy skin, shiny coats, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, smaller stools.

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  1. Raw food diet is actually good compared to the processed food for dogs or cats.. they love it.

  2. I thought chicken bones are dangerous for dogs. Are only the cooked bones that are a problem?

  3. Hi 👋 have 90 lb lab. Your feeding this 1x day or 2x. Seems simple. Did you guys measure in beginning when u started raw? Also 90 to 100 lb lab needs 1100 to 1200 calories daily. Do u know ur dogs calories intake? I'm new at this and worried I won't offer complete nutrition. Also if I wanted to do ground turkey and beef how do I portion? Any help u can offer is much appreciated. Thank you

  4. This video is 2 years old. I hope she is now informed that gizzards and heart ARE NOT organ meats- they’re considered muscles meats which is part of the 80% ratio.

  5. Hiii just wanted to say gizzards and hearts don’t count as organ meat!! Liver, kidneys, tripe stuff like that does count so yaaa

  6. Hi guys, are you still feeding your dogs raw? Just wondering how things are going with that?

  7. You had my full attention and then lost me. You clean the floors with bleach? I get wanting to get rid of bacteria but am I missing something?
    Are u not worried about your dogs consuming bleach?

  8. So can you just give your dogs just raw meats like the chicken legs and are grocery store eggs good to use but wash them off like you said?
    And how much do you give?

  9. We feed mainly raw, but nearly everywhere I’ve looked has said heart and gizzards are muscle meat, not organ.

  10. Your talking and the background music are like bread and butter. They are so funny, can't be separated. Good stuff though.

  11. your video has informed me quite a bit. My Chika is a German Sheppard mixed with Husky she turned 1 year old yesterday. I have been feeding her raw since she was a baby but she had her good amount of Goats milk with special raw food bought for puppies. As she grew I started feeding her a variety of meat and organs chopped very fine, always with a homemade organic either beef bone broth or chicken bone broth; so that is always made. I take my time because I am a chef and don't mind.

    Chika swallows her food, so I make sure is chopped very fine. I didn't know you can give chicken bones to dogs or other bones for that matter. I saw turkey necks & I research and realized they can eat it. They love it!! And that's how I found you. I do give them (I feed my son's Corgy). I was a little skeptical to give them big pieces of carrots, cowliflour, etc because Chika eats fo fast but I tried and it worked well.

    Chika eats 4 raw eggs in the morning without the shell, but after I saw your video I tried that for dinner also and actually they took their time eating it.

    I do feed them chicken breast with no bones(obviously I didn't know about it) but It was a great experience. I bought tripes yesterday & I was like uhmmm, should I feed them that? that's b4 I saw your other video.

    Thank you for opening my horizons about their feeding.

  12. Why are u letting your dog eat chicken bones?(they are known for splintering in a dog's digestive system and can cause cutting of the bowels)

  13. Hearts and gizzards are not organ meat. You should be doing secreting organs: liver, spleen, kidney or brain. As well you should be steaming and puréeing the veggies for the full benefit and easy digestion.

  14. How do you gauge the amount of food from puppy to full grown dog? I'm worried about over and under feeding with raw.

  15. I may have missed it, but do they only give them raw meat at dinner time or do they get it for breakfast too

  16. Best Food always been RAW, This Processed Dry Food is the worse you can feed a dog. I rather know what is going into my dog than guessing what is. Beautiful Dogs, They look very healthy.

  17. hey I am about to get a 4month old bluenose pitbull pup. I purchased the ORIJEN Puppy Dry Dog Food, 13 lbs Yellow Bag… Is that good food to feed him or what would you recommend? Thank you, much appreciated!

  18. U over did it on the fruits and vegetables next time less veggies Nd fruits and more meat and bone

  19. Don’t be fooled by this. Raw food is not good for dogs just because they eat it in the wild they are now domesticated animals. They need the kibble because that is what they’ve been eating for like 400 years now. I am not saying go out and give them something really bad like Pedegree or Purina but I am saying to go out and get them a good healthy kibble and not get them attached to something as bad as raw.

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