Raw Food Diet For Dogs – Balancing Explained For Beginners

Go over the basics of what you need to create a balanced raw meal for your dog. This is just a sample meal and what works best for my dog. I hope this can help you feel less intimidated! Below I have listed helpful links for beginners that go into a little more detail

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  2. LMAO this is ridiculous. Dogs evolved to eat human scraps and these guys are feeding them gourmet restaurant meat.

  3. Why not cooked bone? I work at a restaurant and i always bring the cowboy or tomahawk bones to my dog, am i doing something wrong??

  4. If youre feeding salmon never feed it to your pet raw! Salmon poisoning can kill a cat or dog

  5. Just gave my dog some raw meat last night with his kibbles had diarea this morning is that normal?

  6. I love this video! It got me hooked onto your fantastic channel! I've re-watched it so many times (along with your other videos) because it is just so great. Keep up the good 💪

  7. Why is a ratio diet being used, there is science based nutrition that supports the use of the NRC(National Research council) nutritional guidelines. With using the nutritional guidelines it’s overall more supportive to ensure nutrients are being met and balanced using fresh foods and supplements. It gives a complete nutrient analysis of the diet and calories based on the dogs nutrient and calorie needs.

  8. My dog loves raw food, but we cannot get all the gizzards and such that you can purchase at your local supermarket. I am looking around for sources, but have a question about feeding necks. How do I make sure there isn't any thyroid in there, so she does not get overdosed and develops thyroid problems?

  9. Finally , I video / presentation that is comprehensive. It doesn’t feel so intimidating . Thanks 😊

  10. Lemme just whip up some ground goose and lamb brain real quick lol

  11. There is no reason not to feed the whole egg. It’s complete. Personally I would increase the organ meat to 15-25 percent and bone to 15.

  12. So we make all our own food for our dogs but I have a hard time with the Malti-Poo and the Husky eating the same way. The Malti seems to like more veggies and will finish up the plate of the Husky and the Husky gets so bored. I do fear uncooked food for the Malti. Do you believe a raw food diet can work for all breeds?

  13. When giving whole prey, do you remove the beak or teeth before feeding? For example chicken beak or rabbit teeth?

  14. Heyyy by any chance can you make a video that details the nutrients that puppies can’t produce and what foods we can use to fill in those gaps. I would really appreciate it:) I just got a beautiful husky Shepard and she’s been loving her food but I just want to make sure she gets everything she needs. Love your videos!!

  15. 10% of raw bone a day? so if my dog eats 650 grams a day it will need 65-80 grams in bones a day?

  16. Hey!!! To keep it safer for my dog, I wanted to cook the meat by boiling it. I have to questions about that:

    I know cooked chicken bones aren’t safe for them, but I was wondering if cooked pork bones were safe?

    Also, I’ve learned that some nutrients is lost when cooking them (often in the juice), so if I were to give them the water used to boil the meat for drinking, would that provide the lost nutrients to them?

  17. Hi! I have a senior dog and he’s always been feed kibble. I was wondering how safe is it to transition a senior dog to a raw diet or a kibble and raw diet. Thank you

  18. We ALWAYS feed  B.A.R.F  ….. The B.A.R.F diet stands for two common phrases: 'Biologically Appropriate Raw Food' and 'Bones and Raw Food'. Founded by veterinarian and nutritionist Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the principle is to feed dogs the diet they evolved to eat—a raw diet composed of  and greens that are fresh, uncooked and wild. Our cats and dogs have ZERO vet bills !!

  19. I had been feeding my dog a high end food for all of her 9 years which was high in oil. She developed dental disease which spread to her kidneys. Her blood panel was terrible with high BUN numbers. I have slowly started introducing raw foods to her. I gave her a raw chicken wing to eat and she loved it! I noticed a lot of tartar removed after a few crunchings on them. It is interesting to see she naturally knows how to chew it into little pieces. I never knew how vulnerable small dogs are to dental disease by feeding them these "high end" kibble foods. I also never knew how good raw meaty bones, even chicken wings, are so good for their dental health.

  20. Could you pls do a vid where show like a few different recipes and what ingredients go in they it would mean the world to me

  21. Do you have to feed this meal to your dog 3 times a day? Or just ones because it’s so much

  22. I just found your channel and I love it! I've always wanted to feed raw and make it completely balanced for my dog and cat who are both 2 almost 3 years old. But my biggest fear was making it up balanced and hurting them or making them sick because of missing an important vitamin or mineral. You've eased my fears on that I would love to reach out to you to ask you a few questions sometime! Thank you again!

  23. Thank you for the video but I had to keep stopping it to rad what was on the screen. I'm not a slow reader!

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