NEW WAY to LEARN to GROOM DOGS (Lesson #1) Asian Fusion style

The first trim tonight is a Bichon head and then we will convert that to an Asian Fusion style full head trim. There is a New way to learn to groom dogs (lesson #1) Asian Fusion style is an elegant approach to dog grooming.
There is a new way to learn to groom a dog…it’s an easy, safe, and fun way to acquire basic dog grooming skills. And I will teach you for free during a series of upcoming videos “how to achieve this unique, elegant approach to dog grooming!”

Many of you have been asking for me to demo the Asian fusion style of dog grooming, but I do not have any clients requesting that look for their dogs.

I have designed an outline that will not only give you a clear, up-close visual, with complete step by step grooming methods to achieve Asian fusion styles of grooming on your pets at home…
but also a strategy to introduce my clients to this unique, elegant approach to dog grooming.
Learn the easy way to groom a dog right here on Go Groomer. How to groom your dog at home has never been easier my friend!

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Shears used in this demo:

Kenchii Love-17 tooth Blender (8.0 Inch):

Kenchii Five Star-6.5 inch Curved shear:

Jodi Murphy-Outliner thinning shear:
Kenchii small Slicker Brush:

Metal dog grooming comb:

Model Dog Mannequin: (full Dog and Fur):

Model Dog Mannequin (head only-no Fur):

Amazon Model Dog wigs only:

Ryan’s Pet Supplies-Model Mannequin (head only):

Ryan’s Pet Supplies-Model Mannequin (head and 3 different wigs):

Ryan’s Pet Supplies-replacement wig:
Inflatable Dog Collar:

Miller’s forge nail trimmer:

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