Best New Pet Care Product for 2021

New research regarding adding omega-3s to your pet’s diet.

We have all known about the benefits of fish oil for some time now, however, a study suggests that EPA and DHA omega-3’s can have anti-anxiety benefits too! It seems Kos Tonics was already on trend with that. Kos Tonics pet supplements are new and innovative and on the cutting edge for 2021. Keep reading to understand why their products are perfect for pet care family planning.

“By lowering overall inflammation and cortisol levels during stress and boosting repair mechanisms during recovery, omega-3 may slow accelerated aging and reduce depression risk. identifier: NCT00385723.” Click here for article.

Kos Tonics not only includes DHA and EPA Omegas from wild caught salmon that feed on phytoplankton, their formula includes 3 more Omegas such as ETA, GLA and SDA! These are Omega 3’s and 6’s with their own benefits. An important note: wild caught salmon oil is much better than fish oil. Unfortunately, farm raised fish oil can often contain toxins such as mercury and arsenic.

That alone makes their formula awesome! But then they go above and beyond and add 2 more components that make their products the absolute complete solution. The key points about their formula are:

100% USA Made and Human Grade

• Omega 3 and 6 Liquid Pet Food Supplement

• Natural EPA, DHA, ETA, GLA and SDA Omega Fatty Acids

• Natural Vitamin E

• Natural Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc and More

It’s ease of use and effectiveness has been recognized by various authorities in the pet space and now their pet supplements are available manufacturer direct from their website at

Did you know that they are the first pet supplement company to develop a balanced and natural supplement for dogs and cats in a spray form that is 100% USA made!

What’s the best way to add this to our dog’s diet?

It’s simple. Put some Kos Tonics on your pets food and that’s it! Click the link below to get some today!

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